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Large deformations using non-linear explicit dynamics.
£49 - £2499
Shortened workflow. No meshing.
Material Point Method
Material point information is projected onto grid nodes.
Grid information is solved using laws of physics.
Material point information is updated from grid nodes.
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Meshfree non-linear hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian physics engine. Extremely robust and very efficient at handling high fidelity complex and large-scale models.

Material Point Method Simulation

MPMsim™, Material Point Method Simulation, is a next generation meshless structural analysis software for the engineering industry. It can also be used to create realistic animations, special effects and prefabs within the gaming and movie industry.

MPMsim™ natively overcomes inherent limitations and subsequent inconveniences of competitor software through its unique hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian non-linear explicit dynamics solver.

Featuring a simplified and shortened workflow, MPMsim™ eliminates the need for meshing and CAD de-featuring, the two most labour intensive and expertise extensive tasks in traditional FEA.

MPMsim™ was designed to solve problems conventional FEA software struggle with or are unable to solve. It is extremely robust and very efficient at handling full fidelity complex parts and large assemblies along with automatic contact detection.

Material Point Method has no need for periodic re-meshing and re-mapping of state variables and is therefore better suited than the traditional finite element method for problems involving large deformations, impact/contact, material penetration, fracture and fragmentation.

MPMsim™ lowers the barrier to entry for advanced simulation and analysis capabilities both in financial terms and expertise level requirements.

Last but not least, MPMsim Ltd. offers free support, training and a free trial.

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