Selection Tools

Unrestricted selection using Photoshop-like tools!


MPMSim provides several familiar and newly introduced selection tools enabling unrestricted selection of locations, material points and surface domains by simple point and click action. Rotating, zooming, panning and transparencies are also available to assist selection

Plane Selection Tool Plane Selection Tool

Step 1: Click on the 'Select Plane' icon in the sidebar.

Step 2: Select a plane by using the X,Y or Z slider. Alternatively a plane location can be specified using the 'Key in values of x,y and z' tool in the top toolbar.Keybooard

Step 3: Click 'New', 'Add' or 'Remove' to update your selection.

2D Selection Tools Brush Selection ToolRectangle Selection ToolLasso Selection Tool

Step 1: Select a plane. Don't click the 'New' or 'Add' radio button.

Step 2: Click one of the 2D selection tools from the sidebar.

Step 3: Click and drag over the points to make a selection.

Step 4: Click 'New', 'Add' or 'Remove' to update your selection.

2D Selection Tools

3D Point Selection Tool 3D Point Selection Tool

Step 1: Click on the '3D Point Selection Tool' icon in the sidebar.

Step 2: Click anywhere on the model to select points.

Step 3: Click 'New', 'Add' or 'Remove' to update your selection.

3D Point Selection Tool

Surface Domain Selection Tool Surface Domain Selection Tool Icon

Step 1: Click on the Surface Domain Selection Tool. Note that the first time this tool is activated it may take a while to construct surfaces out of the Material Point Cloud defining the geometry. Subsequent calls are near instantaneous.

Step 2: Select the relevant component from the assembly using the drop down menu.

Step 3 (optional): Use the ‘Ball Radius’ and ‘Tolerance’ parameters to fine tune the ‘surface fit’ to suit your needs. The ‘Ball Radius’ determines the refinement of the fit and ‘Tolerance’ determines the number of domains in which the surface is split. Tip: Vary the ‘Ball Radius’ by a factor of 10.

Step 4: Click 'New', 'Add' or ‘Remove'.

Step 5: Click on the desired surface domain to make a selection. Alternative use the drop down menu to select the desired surface domain.

Surface Domain Selection Tool

MPMsim Tutorial: Selection Tools


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      1. Starting MPMsim
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      1. Activating License
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    1. Overview
    2. CAD Import
    3. Selection Tools
    4. Loading Conditions
    5. Boundary Conditions

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