Applying Loads

Applying Loads 1

Loads can be applied to any selection of material points. Loads are divided into three categories: Force, Pressure and Thermal (beta). These categories are further divided based on the desired application. The subcategories are self-explanatory. Click each one for a description and further options.

Applying Loads 2

Within Quasi-static and Dynamic analysis, time dependent loads can be defined as a function of time by simply typing in equations in terms of ’t’.

Duration of load can be defined as a range for e.g. 2 8 means the load will be applied between time is equal to 2 seconds and time is equal to 8 seconds. Specifying one value applies the load from time is equal to zero to the specified time. Leaving the duration field blank or typing in "inf" applies the acceleration throughout the simulation.

Applying Time Depenndent Loads

MPMsim Tutorial: Applying Loads


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