Key Features

MPMsim’s engine is extremely robust and very efficient at handling high fidelity complex and large- scale models.

The core engine is divided into three main categories: Static, Quasi- static and Dynamic. Static Analysis is for systems that are in static equilibrium. Quasi-static Analysis is for systems that end up in a state of static equilibrium following a disturbance. Dynamic Analysis is for problems like collisions.

MPMsim supports linear and non- linear elastic materials. Several post elastic modelling methods are available. Non-isotropic linear elastic materials can also be modelled. Properties of common engineering materials are provided in the Material Library. Custom materials can be added to the library.

MPMsim ships with powerful scripting tools to modify existing analysis engines or create custom ones to meet more specialised needs.

Engine Types
Scripting Tool
Material Point Method Scripting Tool
Importing CAD to Material Points

Engine Scripting

MPMsim’s scripting tool allows advanced users to implement their own modifications or new capabilities such as new constitutive equations into MPMsim’s simulation and analysis engine.

The scripting tool was designed as a ‘blank slate’ to allow for maximum creative freedom. The scriptable engine has been broken down into optionally customisable blocks.

The main scripting language is MATLAB and its core functions. Any external languages supported by MATLAB such as C and C++ via the ‘mex’ API can also be used.

Beginner level MATLAB language knowledge should be sufficient.

Material Point Method Scripting Blocks

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