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Pre-loaded Material Database

MPMsim™ comes bundled with a material library containing properties of commonly used engineering materials. Custom materials can easily be added by specifying values and/or equations. Stress-Strain relationships of defined material properties are shown graphically to provide an idea of the constitutive modelling of that material during analysis and simulation. A number of different theories are available for post elastic modelling. The more material properties are defined, the more extensive the constitutive modelling will be.

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Linear Elastic Materials

Linear elastic materials can be modelled extensively by adding all available material properties including compression, non-isotropic and post elastic properties.

Non Linear Elastic Materials

Available non-linear elastic modelling methods include Neo-Hookean, Mooney-Rivlin, defining non-linear stress and strain equations or defining non-linear Young's Modulus and poisson ratio equations.

Non-isotropic Materials

Non-isotropic linear elastic materials can be modelled by specifying properties in the x, y, z, xy, yz and xz directions.

Post Elastic modelling

Strain hardening, necking and fracture can be modelled for linear elastic materials through a number of post elastic modelling methods available such as defining the post elastic stress and strain equations.


Materials having different properties in tension and compression can also be modelled.

Material Property Equation

Equations can be derived from material data (experimental or otherwise) by using the line fitting tool provided. All equations support the MATLAB language and functions.

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