Key Differentiators

Stay ahead of today's crowded and competitive business world in serving an ever-demanding industry.

Capability Boost

State of the art

MPMsim’s hybrid Lagrangian-Eulerian method unlocks new horizons bolstering end users’ capability portfolio.

Deeper analysis

Analyse larger, more complex and more refined models without excessive element distortions causing inaccuracies and crashes as a result of negative values of Jacobian determinants at points of numerical integration.


Solve high fidelity complex models faster than traditional FEA by avoiding periodic remeshing of objects and remapping of state variables.

Ease of use

Meshing is one of the most time consuming and labour intensive parts of the traditional FEA simulation process. MPMsim requires no meshing. Save valuable man-hours and reduce end product’s time to market through MPMsim’s simplified and shortened workflow. Also, since material points interact with each other via grid nodes, contact between entities are automatically detected.

Material Point Method vs Finite Element Method


Better Physics

Achieve smoother results when dealing with very small time steps in high deformation rate problems.

Consistency and Convergence

MPM generally accumulates less noise than traditional FEA.

Material Point Method vs Finite Element Analysis Noise Accumulation

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